HibLab has designed, developed and executed the new medical services in a modular laboratory space at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Vitoria.


Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava

Mercedes-Benz is a German vehicle manufacturing company recognized throughout the world, in which sustainability plays a fundamental role. Proof of this is the Vitoria production plant where, since 2013, they have only used 100% renewable and clean energy.

The Medical Services have been designed with ‘Box in Box’ modular laboratory technology that allows specific spaces to be adapted in the most demanding scientific facilities, thus generating a work space inside another space.

This project will offer a medical service to the entire team that makes up the Mercedes-Benz factory in Vitoria. New facilities with a design of contemporary, shared and private spaces towards the outside of the building itself. In addition, we have incorporated unique space signage that is fully adapted to the brand’s corporate image.


The Mercedes-Benz Medical Services space project represented an impressive industrialised challenge, executed in record time.

The space project for Mercedes-Benz Medical Services has represented an impressive industrialized challenge, executed in record time.

Although the incorporation of a modular laboratory brings a series of benefits, we also face specific challenges, especially when it is implemented in an open space such as the industrial warehouse intended for its location. Connections such as electricity, water, ventilation and waste management systems of the new infrastructure must be perfectly sized and aligned to ensure that they integrate effectively and safely into the new environment.

And another challenge we have faced has been regulatory compliance. This modular laboratory meets all industry-specific safety and regulatory requirements.


HibLab has applied its modular construction system in the industrial warehouse of the Mercedes-Benz Vitoria factory. Transforming a generic space into a space that hosts the company’s medical services.

This solution has been designed to have a space that is fully adaptable to the available space of the warehouse and that allows for future reconfiguration. Furthermore, this system is free of connections to structural elements and has allowed great control of assembly times.

The development has been completely personalized and adjusted to the specific requirements of the project. We have achieved a design that optimizes the flow of people and offers unique visual communication.


In conclusion, an exceptional result in terms of efficiency, innovation and adaptability. With this industrialized project we have shown our ability to adapt to the client’s needs and integrate a modular laboratory within an industrial warehouse. The implemented modular laboratory provides an advanced and highly functional infrastructure, custom designed in a unique and personalized way.