HibLab has carried out the comprehensive turnkey project of the highly specialized European flagship laboratory of CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services.

SURFACE: 2.000 M2

Derio, Bizkaia

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services is a clinical research organization that helps biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies develop, approve and commercialize medicines.

The company is present worldwide, with research centers in more than 60 countries covering cutting-edge scientific fields.

The new European flagship laboratory space CTI Europe Labs, located in Bilbao (Bizkaia) has more than 2,200 square meters of modern facilities.

This center will have services that include bioanalysis of clinical samples to monitor drug levels throughout the clinical trial.

As a result, the turnkey project has been designed from detailed labplanning with very high added value and a design of flexible laboratory spaces.


When planning and designing exclusive laboratory spaces adapted to specific needs, it is very important to take into account all laboratory processes: the flow of people, samples and materials.

In the business field, turnkey projects have become a strategic option to address the complexity of initiatives.

These projects, which involve the complete delivery of a product or service without the active participation of the client in its development, have substantial benefits, but also challenges.

The key is transparency, constant communication and flexibility. The ability to anticipate potential problems and proactively address them becomes essential.


HibLab has applied a full service from consulting, design, planning, architecture and engineering.

In addition to the complete execution of the laboratory spaces and administrative and common areas of the building of the new clinical research centre of CTI Europe Labs.

The project consisted of designing the new spaces from scratch, from obtaining building and activity licences.

On the other side, the sizing and implementation of the installations and the supply of HibLab’s industrialised solutions (laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, technical walls and designer office furniture).


The success of a project of such magnitude lies fundamentally in a good initial phase with exhaustive labplanning and a multidisciplinary team.

Above all, that has identified the requirements of each of the areas of activity to arrive together at the best solution.

This preliminary phase has allowed the efficient distribution of all the spaces, the dimensioning of advanced systems of the custom-made installations

Also, the design and adoption of cutting-edge laboratory and office furniture, unique and customised for a large laboratory project.

In conclusion, HibLab has contributed with its added value from the design of a flexible space to offering a comprehensive subsequent maintenance service, which makes daily operations extraordinarily easy.