Storage systems for laboratories

HibLab has two fundamental elements to cover the storage needs of scientific and technological laboratory spaces; we are referring to the underbench and tall cabinets for laboratories.

Having a wide range of laboratory furniture allows us to have a complete catalogue that helps us in the distribution and design development of a new space or an integral reform. All our laboratory cabinets are made of metal for greater protection against solvents and chemical resistance.

The laboratory furniture is fully customizable and reconfigurable in the future, from the layout of the doors to the placement of the baseboard or wheels.

Storage systems for laboratories manufactured following the highest standards in regulations and functionality.

Main advantages

  • Chemical resistant metal structure.
  • Wide range of underbench and tall cabinet typology.
  • High flexibility and easy cleaning.
  • Customizable.
  • Fully integrated with other laboratory furniture.

Types of storage systems

Underbench cabinets for laboratory spaces

HibLab has a complete range of underbench cabinets for laboratories with the quality of metal laboratory furniture with better ageing and higher bacterial and even chemical resistance.

The great virtue of all the laboratory modules is that they have the same body or buc and this allows them to be transformed at any time by adding wheels, base boards or simply rotating accessories.


  • Underbench cabinets with wheels
  • Structural underbench cabinets
  • Suspended underbench cabinets
  • Waste underbench cabinets
  • Washing units

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Underbench cabinets configuration

All underbench cabinets are manufactured with doors and drawer fonts with a double body, so that the side, top and rear doors are completely ready, with rounded edges and no sharp edges.

All the side panels of the bucs are prepared to house any type of drawer guide (total or partial extraction) or 270º hinge, allowing the user to change the arrangement of the door in its left/right opening or vice versa.

All these products are aesthetically configurable to the taste of the laboratory users.

Laboratory cabinets

Our wide range of SLine laboratory furniture offers multiple possibilities of cabinet configurations, made of laminated steel with high resistance to deformation and chemicals.

The laboratory cabinets are the best option for storage and various uses. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the different types of service systems or other elements that make up the laboratory.


  • Suspended cabinets
  • Floor cabinets
  • Floor-ceiling cabinets

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Safety cabinets

Our laboratory safety cabinets contain a storage system designed to house chemical reagents and flammable products. The safety cabinets have a fire resistance according to the UNE EN-14470-1 standard (Type 90 / 90 minutes fire resistance) with hinged doors or pull-out drawers.

This product has an automatic locking system for drawers and doors using an integrated hot melt that guarantees automatic closing of the doors in the event of a fire. These products are totally safe for all laboratory users.


  • High floor and low safety cabinets
  • Acid and alkali cabinets
  • Bottle cabinets

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Other products

HibLab offers a wide range of products, adapted to the complex and growing needs of each market sector in the field of laboratories: