Laboratory complements

Laboratory complements are elements used to facilitate and improve the activities carried out in a laboratory space. These complementary products can include a wide variety of products depending on the type of laboratory.

At HibLab we offer the range of laboratory accessories that meet the standards of quality and safety inside a scientific laboratory. In addition, all our laboratory accessories have a versatility and adaptability that can be fully adapted to our laboratory furniture solutions.

In general, all our accessories are essential in a laboratory space, from shelves, emergency showers, taps, fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets to the office furniture itself and common areas of scientific buildings and facilities.

A wide range of laboratory accessories completes our laboratory space solutions.

Why choose Hiblab?

  • Versatility and adaptability with our laboratory furniture.
  • Compliance with quality standards.
  • Ergonomic designs and adapted solutions.
  • Resistance to chemicals and easy to clean.
  • Safety guarantee: Certified quality.

Explore our laboratory accessories section and discover our wide range. We offer expert advice to help you complete a safe, functional and versatile laboratory space design. Improve your space with quality accessories.

Laboratory complements

Laboratory shelves and racks

Our storage structures designed specifically for use in laboratory environments provide a safe and organised space for storing all types of products within easy reach of users.

The shelves and racks we offer in our extensive catalogue of laboratory accessories are products with durability and strength characteristics, as well as being available in different configurations. See more information in our product data sheets.

  • Shelves and racks
  • Stainless steel shelves

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Safety and cleaning accesories

In a laboratory space, emergency showers, eyewashes and taps are essential elements to ensure the safety and protection of users who may be exposed to chemical or hazardous substances.

HibLab, in the design of the distribution of the spaces, offers these laboratory complements and locates them in convenient areas for easy access. In addition, all the elements have their own signage. **For more information, please see our product data sheets.

  • Emergency shower
  • Eyewash
  • Taps
  • Electronic tap

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Office furniture

Scientific buildings and facilities often include office space and common areas such as meeting rooms and shared workspaces for all laboratory users.

HibLab has furniture, equipment and other office elements that provide comfort, organisation and efficiency to the workplace. For more information, see our product data sheets.

  • Executive and meetings chairs
  • Stools
  • Armchairs
  • Office tables
  • Meeting tables
  • Counters

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Fume extraction equipment

In the wide range of extraction elements offered by HibLab, we can find localised extraction systems whose purpose is to protect the user of the laboratory space from any contaminant released in a source before it is dispersed throughout the work environment itself.

For us, safety inside and outside the laboratory is paramount, which is why this type of complex installation is a great challenge for the development of innovation, requiring exhaustive control and great flexibility. For more information, please see our product data sheets.

  • Fume extraction hood
  • Atomic absorption hood
  • Wall-mounted hood
  • Extraction arms
  • Pressure reducers

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Laminar flow cabinets

Laminar flow cabinets are safety equipment used in laboratory spaces to provide a contaminant-free environment. These cabinets use unidirectionaland filtered airflow to protect both the user and the samples or materials from external contamination.

HibLab has a complete range of laminar flow cabinets that can be placed on our work surfaces. We offer different types of cabinets to suit chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories. See more information in our product data sheets.

  • Laminar flow cabinet Mini-V/PCR
  • Horizontal laminar flow cabinet
  • Vertical laminar flow cabinet
  • Biological safety cabinet

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Other laboratory equipment

Some of the scientific and technological laboratories we design require purification systems and disinfection equipment to keep the products and samples used inside the laboratory away from external chemical agents and contaminants.

At HibLab, safety and efficiency prevail in the design of its spaces, as well as their functionality and flexibility. Adapting and offering the best products is essential in all our laboratory projects. For more information, please consult our product data sheets.

  • Disinfection and sterilisation equipment
  • Purification systems

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Other products

HibLab offers a wide range of products, adapted to the complex and growing needs of each market sector in the field of laboratories: