Fume cupboards

Fume cupboards designed by HibLab in accordance with EN 14175 are used inside the laboratory space as safety and personal protection extraction devices.

The purpose of these complex ventilation and air conditioning systems is to protect the user from hazardous substances inside the fume cupboard.

HibLab designs large personal protective equipment taking into account the fact that the equipment must be easy to maintain on the one hand and, on the other hand, that it must have the least possible impact on the environment. Its construction and development must take into account multiple safety regulations.

Individual protection fume cupboards

These individual protection devices use a ventilation system using an induced air flow through an adjustable working opening.

With an enclosure designed to limit the spread of airborne contaminants to operators or other personnel outside the device, providing mechanical protection and allowing controlled evacuation of airborne contaminants.

“A fume cupboard is a ventilated enclosure that meets the requirements specified in European Standard EN 14175-2

Key factors

  • Metal fume cupboard
  • Air collector or air outlet
  • Lighting located outside and not in contact with the fumes
  • Safety glass
  • Possible location of VAV valves, scrubbers, activated charcoal filters…

Fume cupboards or fume hoods require the use of a ventilation and air-conditioning system with the corresponding equipment for large flow rates to achieve a significant number of renewals per hour in the laboratory.

This personal protective equipment not only protects workers, but also prevents the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment. In this way, public health risks are reduced and environmental pollution is avoided.

Types of fume cupboards

General purpose fume cupboards

Fume cupboards designed for general use inside laboratory spaces allow individual protection of workers and the environment.

These fume cupboards have various design options, robust materials and control systems that can be adapted to the specific needs of each laboratory.

*All models are available for use in low ceiling spaces and/or laboratories. See our product data sheets.

List of fume cupboards for general use:


Fume cupboards for specific applications

Fume cupboards designed for specific uses within laboratories are used to protect the user from flammable products, concentrated acids, toxic, radioactive, solvent extractors and radioisotopes.

Each type of fume hood is designed with specific materials and features to protect against the specific risks of each type of laboratory while maintaining user safety at all times.

*All models are available for development in low ceiling spaces and/or laboratories. See our product data sheets

List of fume cupboards for specific uses:


Customized fume cupboards

HibLab applies its know-how to develop AdHoc fume hood solutions with special dimensions, for complex applications and integrated with the ventilation and air conditioning system.

Structural designs and interior linings perfectly prepared for any special application to provide complete containment inside the fume cupboard and protect the user against splashes of hazardous substances.

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Fume hood accesories

HibLab fume hoods are completed with multiple accessories that adapt to the needs of each type of laboratory. The elements to be incorporated into the fume extraction equipment for laboratories range from service panels, water and gas taps to power sockets, supports, etc.

HibLab designs large individual protection equipment taking into account on the one hand that the equipment must be easy to maintain and on the other, that it must have the least impact on the environment..

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Ventilation enclosures

HibLab is a pioneer in the development of AdHoc solutions for laboratory furniture and fume cupboards. We stand out not only for our innovative designs, but also for maintaining the seal of quality in everything we do. We seek a continuous improvement of the laboratory spaces we design and we focus on adapting the new distribution to meet and satisfy the needs of our clients.

HibLab designs large personal protective equipment taking into account that on the one hand the equipment must be easy to maintain and on the other that it must have the least impact on the environment.

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Other extraction elements

In the wide range of extraction elements offered by HibLab, we can find localised extraction systems that aim to protect the user of the laboratory space from any contaminant released in a focus before it is dispersed throughout the work environment itself.

These individual extraction elements, as well as fume cupboards or fume hoods, adapt to any need or type of laboratory space.

For us, safety inside and outside the laboratory is essential, which is why this type of complex facilities represents a great challenge for the development of innovation, requiring exhaustive control and great flexibility.

Other fume extraction elements available:

  • Extraction arms
  • Extraction hoods
  • Atomic absorption hoods
  • Vertical and horizontal laminar flow cabinets
  • Biological safety cabinets

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Other products

HibLab offers a wide range of products, adapted to the complex and growing needs of each market sector in the field of laboratories: