Technical Laboratory Divider

The flexibility and synchronisation of the different spaces is especially important for their optimisation, bearing in mind that the resources invested in the laboratories are under-utilised.

To this end, at HibLab we have designed and manufactured an element of flexibility, adaptability and present and future scalability, what we call technical divisions for laboratory spaces.

This element is a structural system that allows to react and adapt to changing circumstances without losing quality, implementing solutions that allow the growth of the laboratory space without decreasing the possibility of its use and reuse.

Technical walls for merging spaces

The SLine partition system based on different aspects provides multiple benefits to laboratory users throughout its life cycle which, completed with the other additional services, becomes an integrating product-service.

A revolutionary system that has the ability to evolve or change as required, being able to merge a space with a Combo service system or divide a space with the Fussion system.

Our technical partitions for laboratory spaces have the sustainable quality guarantee and environmental certification Cradle to Cradle

Key benefits

  • Integration of services and facilities.
  • Interchangeable and easily accessible panels.
  • Maximum safety and functionality.
  • Flexible solution adaptable to any configuration.
  • Customisation of finishes.

The flexibility of this product gives us the ability to create different laboratory areas with different requirements for ventilation, electricity, water, gas and other services, according to the specific needs of the project.

In addition, the partition walls offer a high level of acoustic insulation, which reduces noise in the laboratory and creates a more pleasant and quiet working environment.

Product features

Partition wall finishes

Our technical partitioning systems have the ability to change as required throughout the lifecycle of the laboratory.

In terms of finishes, our systems can be finished in metal, HPL Plus, melamine or glass, depending on the needs and layout of the space itself.

HibLab offers a wide range of colours for the melamine finish, as well as being customisable, so that they follow the client’s corporate line. There are also different options for glass, whether translucent, coloured or with different designs.

Integration of services

The integration of services, systems and technologies must enable the adoption of any innovation or changes. To do this, we must be aware of all existing and future equipment in order to adopt an orderly flexibility scheme that can absorb the laboratory space.

The technical partitioning solution manufactured by HibLab guarantees the integration of the following systems and services:

  • Service panels
  • Lighting
  • Integration of screens
  • Cabinets with integrated display
  • Configurable floor-ceiling cabinets
  • SASH cabinets
  • Biological SASH

Solution: What are the technical laboratory partition walls?

From a backbone (main structure of the technical wall system), different alternatives or solutions are incorporated, assembled and combined to adapt to the type of laboratory.

From this element, we have the possibility of assembling different alternatives for the structure of laboratory tables (up to 6 possibilities), as well as housing shelves and/or cupboards in order to obtain the maximum capacity of storage systems.

Quality certificates

HibLab complies with the highest quality standards for partitions and/or technical walls, meeting the needs of safety, functionality, durability and repairability throughout the product’s life cycle.

We are committed to an integrated model; developed from the people who interact in the building, the development activity and always adjusted to the demands of the context; both in terms of regulations and the needs and uses of the facilities


C2C. Cradle to Cradle

Certificate of environmental quality, level “BRONZE”.

EN 13501-2:2009

Fire resistance certificate.

UNE-EN ISO 140-3

Certificates of acoustic insulation.

Certificates of resistance

Durability, mechanics, functionality and robustness.

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