Laboratory benches

At HibLab we have multiple configurations of all types of laboratory benches, which make possible infinite combinations capable of satisfying the needs of our customers and providing a solution to the most complex and innovative research process.

We offer a high quality and highly flexible product certified under the European standard UNE-EN 13150:2001, which guarantees compliance with dimensional aspects, safety requirements and test methods for all our types of laboratory bench structures.

Our laboratory bench solutions are combined with our work surface typologies that are adapted to each type of laboratory, having a high cleaning capacity and being resistant to a large number of aggressive chemical products.

HibLab has different bench structures that integrate with all our partition wall solutions and service systems.


  • Structures with independent junctions to reconfigure the space.
  • Types of fixed or mobile benches.
  • High flexibility by combining alternatives and solutions
  • Availability of height-adjustable benches
  • Possibility of including a double independent structure.

HibLab has different bench structures for the user to choose from, including height-adjustable benches. In addition, they offer useful space, drawers, power supply and equipment storage systems, etc.

An important convenience aspect of the SLine furniture line is the ability to integrate and flexibly reconfigure benches. Our laboratory benches with independent structure allow compositions from wall to central benches or vice versa, giving the opportunity for different alternatives over time.

Types of laboratory benches

Complete range of laboratory benches

This wide range of laboratory bench structures is located on the backbone (main structure of the system) and alternatives and/or solutions are incorporated, assembled and combined according to the different needs of the laboratory.

At HibLab, we propose a distribution of laboratory benches in the project plans. These have an independent and completely self-supporting structure that facilitates the reconfiguration of the same bench, allowing compositions from wall to central benches or vice versa and offering the possibility of different alternatives.

  • C-frame bench
  • U-frame bench
  • L-frame bench
  • A-frame bench
  • Bench on base
  • Mobile bench
  • Height-adjustable bench

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Benches of specific uses

The weighing bench has an anti-vibration work surface with a silestone finish designed for analytical scales. On the other hand, our sampling benches are composed of a tasting cabinet designed in accordance with the UNE-EN 8589:2010 standard.

  • Weighing bench
  • Sampling bench

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Worktop typologies

HibLab has a wide range of worktop typologies, which adapt to all types of laboratory spaces, from chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories to educational laboratories.

We offer all these types of worktops to suit the needs of the laboratory, improving the characteristics in terms of durability and the minimum resistance required.

  • HPL Plus
  • Stoneware
  • Glass
  • MelaminE
  • HPL Base
  • Polypropylene
  • Stainless steel

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Integration with installations

All bench structures have a service gallery that allows all types of electrical, plumbing, drainage and gas installations to pass along the entire length of the worktop without interruption.

The back covers are manually accessible, without any tools. They allow the total extraction of the panel, leaving the services completely hidden but accessible and facilitating their maintenance.

Other products

HibLab offers a wide range of products, tailored to the complex and growing needs of each market sector in the field of laboratories: