Modular laboratories

The new global challenges that humanity has to face show the need for technology as a lifeline.

A technology that tries to optimise the use of scientific spaces by increasing the degree of flexibility in interior and/or exterior architecture in order to assimilate different types of laboratories, uses and current and future needs.

Modular laboratories are made up of continuously changing spaces that need to adapt to the new needs, equipment and technologies that are being developed. For this reason, it is essential to generate a ‘Box in box’ space with a diaphanous base that is completely flexible to the new uses and distributions that will be given to it over time.

What is a modular laboratory?

Our SKube solution is a lightweight construction system that is easy to assemble, disassemble and relocate and which is prefabricated by means of an industrialised process.

This flexible, industrialised and eco-technological laboratory development is not only innovative from a technological point of view, but also from the point of view of trying to respond to the existing problems in relation to the demands of our market and customers.

A ‘Box in box’ modular laboratory technology that allows for the adaptation of specific spaces in more demanding scientific facilities

Main advantages

  • Generate a work space inside another one, Box-in-box.
  • Free of connections to structural elements.
  • Total adaptability of the space.
  • Flexible, industrialised and eco-technological.
  • Allows a high degree of control over assembly times.

Modular laboratories are very flexible and can be easily adapted to the changing needs of research and development. Modules can be added, removed or relocated as needed to fit the amount of space required.

The construction of modular laboratories takes place in a controlled environment and is completed in a short time frame, allowing for quick on-site installation. In addition, the installation of modular laboratories does not require on-site construction, which reduces construction time compared to traditional construction methods.

How to create a modular laboratory?

Skube indoor

This variant allows for quick solutions in existing facilities that facilitate the development of laboratory spaces and common areas in existing spaces.

A modular construction system is manufactured and assembled in a hall or industrial building and transported to the destination site already built, thus transforming a generic space into a space where a laboratory is housed.

This SKube Indoor solution is designed so that the interior configuration can be modified to provide a continuously adaptable space. In the same way, the module can be dismantled so that part or all of the investment can be reused in the future.

Skube outdoor

This solution makes it possible to generate outdoor laboratory modules with the significant improvement of a flexible, industrialised and eco-technological laboratory compared to a laboratory designed and built using the traditional system.

The assembly of all the elements allows the building to be conceived as a complex system of parts that is closer to other industries and technologies than to traditional construction itself.

With a solid preliminary study, the building arrives at its destination pre-assembled, with great control over assembly times.

What is a modular laboratory for?

Modulation allows the building to be extended in a simple and orderly manner, both in the horizontal plane and by creating upper floors. The modular laboratory system is designed to be able to modify the interior configuration and to have a continuously adapted space.

This optimal system offers the possibility to move a complete laboratory outside the laboratory building itself. This option allows the work activity to continue while a complete refurbishment of the laboratory space is being carried out.

Modular laboratory finishes

Modular laboratories include a selection of finishes to suit laboratory typologies, including technical ceiling, floor and wall finishes, lighting, ventilation and laboratory furniture.

The different finishes are important to create a functional, aesthetic and safe working environment. Selecting the right finishes improves efficiency, reduces risks and creates a healthy working environment.

Other products

HibLab offers a wide range of products, tailored to the complex and growing needs of each market sector in the laboratory environment: