Laboratory Service Systems

HibLab has the widest range of service systems on the market, which adapt to the growing and future needs of laboratory spaces.

The complete range of laboratory service systems are certified under the most demanding European standards of use in the market; UNE-EN 41955-2, BS 5234-2:1992, the Cradle to Cradle environmental sustainability certificate and fire resistance up to B-S2-d0.

Our laboratory space dividing systems have the ability to evolve and/or change as required throughout the lifecycle of the laboratory. From a COMBO service system to a full space divider with the FUSSION system.

We call this revolution in the laboratory world three-dimensional modularity.

Main adventages

  • Guarantees the integration of all systems with our laboratory furniture.
  • Complete and independent disassembly of all components.
  • High registrability of the service panels.
  • Availability of different modes for better acoustic performance.

The main benefits of the solution or service system are based on different variants that provide to laboratory users throughout their lifecycle completed with other additional services as a result of an integrative product-service.

Standardized product from the project design process to implementation and after-sales service, as reflected in the excellence and quality awards of our product certificates.

Service system typologies

Fussion service System

The Fussion Service System allows for multiple panel configurations to adapt the system to the current and future needs, creating a design that is compact, ergonomic and flexible to changes.

  • Total flexibility of the composition of the partition wall
  • Different type of doors
  • Diversity of finishes

Combo service system

The Combo service system allows to combine, grow, expand and restructure laboratory spaces thanks to its self-supporting structural system that acts as a backbone.

  • The expandable service system
  • Adaptable to all types of laboratory add-ons
  • Customisable service panels in colour

Aero service system

The Aero-Tube, Aero-Hexakanal and Aero-Boom service systems enable the provision of various services from the ceiling and even down to the floor to provide accessibility to the entire laboratory space.

  • Aero-Tube
  • Aero-Hexakanal
  • Aero-Boom

Wall service system

The Service Dropper and Hexakanal service systems are wall-mounted systems that allow supplies to be channelled from their source to the work environment in an ergonomic and integrated manner.

  • Hexakanal
  • Service-Dropper
  • Service-Column

Flexibility, all in one

HibLab service systems have a unique flexibility, scalability and versatility for an infinite number of layouts and uses, even allowing the merging of laboratory spaces.

This versatility allows the adoption of future changes and optimization of space both normatively and functionally obtaining an all-in-one flexible space.

Maximum system integration

The entire SLine range is registrable and accessible with the capacity to integrate any type of installation, from electrical systems, plumbing, mechanisms, gases, etc. into our service panels in such a way that they never invade the work surface.

In addition, the service systems can house storage systems by placing shelves and cabinets. These elements can be reconfigured at any time in an infinite number of variants.

Multiple configurations available

The laboratory systems allow multiple panel configurations to adapt the system to current and future needs, creating a compact and ergonomic design flexible to changes.

We have an added value as we are able to maintain the same design line between the service system and our range of furniture, as together they form the SLine furniture series. In this way we create an homogeneous, coherent and cohesive space as a whole.

Other products

HibLab offers a wide range of products, adapted to the complex and growing needs of each market sector in the field of laboratories: