Curved laboratory furniture

Our laboratory furniture, SLine Curve, manufactured in-house, has unique characteristics that help to define more accurately the design of the laboratory itself so that it is personal and distinctive from the rest. Its exclusive design and differentiating character make it a key piece to incorporate in the projects we carry out.

The new SLine Curve line is striking for its soft shape, delicacy and elegance, but also for its infrequency. Differentiation is not  easy in a market with so many contextual requirements.

Offering a product range of ‘curvilinear’ laboratory furniture with improvements and multiple variations of combinations, materials and shapes, gives us an added and differential value. Our main objective in promoting this innovative product is to create original and unique pieces that adapt to every situation, need and space.

The curves are perfect to break the excessive balance in spaces.

Main benefits

  • Highly flexible and ergonomic laboratory furniture.
  • A better and more advanced product.
  • Ability to adopt a moving interior architecture.
  • Organic, aesthetic and functional forms.
  • Complete adaptability with the rest of the laboratory elements.

HibLab brings an organic design to its line of laboratory furniture, bringing softness, ergonomics and depth to the space,.improving the flow of people and connecting spaces.

The SLine Curve line matches the physical and anatomical characteristics of the laboratory user to optimize the elements, facilitating the work and taking care of people’s health.

Characteristics of curved furniture

Complete range of curved furniture

Our complete range of curved laboratory furniture goes from benches with curved shapes to sinks and curved modules.

All these elements are part of the SLine Curve range and have been developed with the functionality and needs of the laboratory spaces of the future in mind.


  • Semi-circular module
  • Curved end module
  • Curved corner module
  • Curved washing units

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System integration

These curved laboratory furniture models are unique and singular solutions that allow integration between all the elements that make up the SLine range.

HibLab guarantees ease of adaptationand installation and design enhancement with these new curved furniture models for innovative laboratory spaces. The system integrates with the following elements:

  • Improvement on traditional systems
  • Possibility of system integration
  • High safety and ergonomics at all workstations

Ergonomía del producto

Apostamos por entornos estimulantes y ergonómicos para convertir puestos de trabajo científico-tecnológicos en entornos seguros, flexibles y eficientes, además de confortables para todos los usuarios de los espacios de laboratorios.

La gama de SLine Curva, nació de la necesidad de convertir un espacio diáfano en un entorno ergonómico y con la capacidad de garantizar la interacción entre el usuario del laboratorio y el equipamiento que dispone para su tarea diaria,

  • Mejora de los sistemas tradicionales
  • Posibilidad de integración del sistema
  • Alta seguridad y ergonomía en todos los puestos de trabajo

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Product development and innovation

In the research, development and innovation department (R+D+i), we have managed to create a unique product that has meant a 180º turn in the traditional way of designing and dimensioning the internal architecture of laboratories.

We have evolved in our professional career, paying special attention to flexibility and aesthetics in everything we do. Thinking about the needs of people and/or users so that they have a comfortable and ergonomic working environment.

Other products

HibLab offers a wide range of products, adapted to the complex and growing needs of each market sector in the field of laboratories: