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Consultancy, design, project and production of industrialized solutions for the integral development of laboratory spaces

We offer industrialized services and solutions with the aim of transforming and creating functional, safe and sustainable laboratory spaces.

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Our range of products for the laboratory

Laboratory furniture

SLine is the most technologically advanced laboratory furniture solution for the generation of flexible and open spaces.

Fume Cupboards

We offer a wide range of fume cupboards and other extraction solutions such as safety equipment and individual protection.

Technical partition walls

Present and future flexibility, adaptability and scalability in a single structural system, which allows dividing and joining laboratory spaces.

Modular Laboratories

A three-dimensional laboratory construction, dry manufactured, transportable and assembled on site. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Refurbishment and construction of laboratories

The essential objective for developing a flexible, industrialized and eco-technological laboratory begins with the generation of an open-plan basic space that is completely adaptable to new uses and layouts over time.

We start with the user and their laboratory design and work our way up to interacting with the building itself, taking into account all the factors that affect a laboratory facility.

Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to take on projects of any size, whether partial refurbishments or complete remodeling of existing laboratories.

We coordinate and advise together with the client to identify the most suitable spaces for their future implementation. 

We are committed to excellence in every project, meeting deadlines, budgets and rigorous quality standards.

Development of unique and customized laboratories

At HibLab, we go one step further through creativity and innovation, bringing fresh air and functionality to changing laboratory spaces.

Our main objective is to present a unique and personalized laboratory design project, reflecting the personality, uses and purposes of each type of client. We think about the comfort, ergonomics and functionality of the space. The importance of colors, lighting, materials and laboratory furniture are essential to create a cohesive and harmonious feel throughout the space.

We document all processes, protocols and safety procedures in a clear and accessible way for our client. A customized laboratory where proper and preventive maintenance keeps the laboratory up to date with new technological advances and best practices.

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Celebrating World Lab Day: Our Commitment to Scientific Innovation

On World Lab Day, we recognise the work of those who work in the pursuit of knowledge and the improvement of our lives.


Sixteen years ago, we set out to redefine what we knew about laboratory design. These 16 years of innovation are not just a timeline, but a story that has shaped our identity and contributed to who we are today. From the beginning, our goal was more than designing laboratories; it was to understand the needs […]

New web, new chapter!

We present our new website, where 16 years of passion and leadership in laboratory design merge into a unique experience.