New web, new chapter!

27 Feb, 2024

From our beginnings until today, each step has been a milestone in our journey. Now, it is with great excitement that we present our new website, a visual testimony of 16 years of dedication and evolution in laboratory design.

16 years ago, a small team with an ambitious vision decided to transform the way we conceive laboratory spaces. Since that day, every effort, every challenge, and every achievement has been more than a single step; it has been a significant milestone in our journey.

Our commitment to excellence led us to develop a European patent for Modular Laboratory Construction together with the ULMA Group, marking the beginning of an era of innovation that has kept us in constant evolution.

From our first successful project in 2013, where we reconfigured 900 m2 for AMSlab, to becoming a national benchmark in laboratory design with projects in university hospitals and beyond, we have explored the boundaries of design to create more efficient and flexible spaces.

Internationally, we have taken our passion for innovation to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, expanding our borders and sharing our commitment to excellence.

Growing together:

This journey is not only ours, it’s yours. Every customer, every partner, every shared challenge is part of this story. Over the years, we have grown together, learned together and contributed to the world of science and research.

Our new website: A visual chapter

And now, as we reach this point, we are excited to introduce you to our new website. It’s more than a digital platform; it’s a space that will immerse you in the essence that defines us.

What will you find in this new space?

  • We’ll reveal stories behind each project, so you can see how we overcome the same challenges you might be facing. No frills. We share successes and failures, because we believe that real information is the most valuable.
  • We’ll immerse you in our commitment to innovation and sustainability, solving the problems that we know could be worrying you.
  • Carefully designed educational resources. We want to tell you not only what we do, but also how we do it. You’ll explore projects from start to finish, understanding the process and decisions behind each design.

Download our latest Guide:

You’ll explore the key aspects of designing a laboratory, from innovative concepts to sustainable practices. These exclusive insights are just a sample of what you’ll find on our new website. We want every click to be an opportunity to discover, learn and get excited. We thank you for joining us in this new chapter and hope you enjoy the journey.

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