05 Mar, 2024

Sixteen years ago, we set out to redefine what we knew about laboratory design. These 16 years of innovation are not just a timeline, but a story that has shaped our identity and contributed to who we are today.

From the beginning, our goal was more than designing laboratories; it was to understand the needs of those who place their trust in us. Empathy has been our constant guide in every project, shaping solutions that go beyond mere requirements, understanding the stories and aspirations behind each client. We don’t settle for creating scientific spaces; we seek to inspire, surprise and transcend boundaries.

Our journey has been a team effort, with each member contributing their expertise and dedication. The synergy between us has been key to overcoming challenges, charting new trajectories and achieving results that go beyond the sum of the parts.

Thus, these 16 years represent a story steeped in the values of years of empathy, dreams, collaborative work, communication and acting with ethical responsibility. This story not only reflects our commitment to you, but also a celebration of the principles that have shaped us.

Join us as we share with you 16 key moments in our journey:

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey.

Each of our milestones is a step into the future, and we are far from ending this journey.

So, what do you say, join us as we create more stories, more innovation and more impact?

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