HibLab has supplied and installed the laboratory furniture, fumehoods and special extraction elements for the new Eurofins Iproma environmental sampling facilities.

SURFACE: 5.000 M2

Castellón de la Planta, Castellón

Eurofins Iproma, a reference laboratory in the field of environmental control and analysis, is part of the Eurofins Scientific Group.

The national benchmark company has located its new central laboratory in Castellón, being the largest and most advanced one in Spain in environmental samples.

This new laboratory, with an area of more than 5,000 square meters, has the most advanced technologies at the analysis level.

The LEAN principles applied in the design of laboratories have been a fundamental part of improving the delivery times of the results, as well as the productive capacity of the new center.

The laboratory project has been designed with the highest quality standards and equipped with cutting-edge laboratory furniture, where a unique and personalized design has prevailed.

With the experience and knowledge of scientific facilities, it has been possible to create a technological, functional and highly efficient space.


Firstly, research and development laboratories require special and specific needs to meet safety and quality standards.

This laboratory project has been a challenge due to complex installations, furniture supply, custom-made fume cupboards and AdHoc extraction elements in order to comply with the use and purpose of the processes and user needs.


HibLab has supplied and installed the laboratory furniture, fumehoods, special extraction elements and facilities attached to the furniture for the new Eurofins Iproma.

Above all, a cutting-edge design with shapes and movements that allow the flow of processes and people, as well as spaces created with divisions that integrate all the facilities, incorporating the latest technical solutions for laboratories.


The main purpose of the project was to achieve the objectives of optimizing the space designed by the Eurofins Iproma.

Likewise, generating different distributions by applying the wide range of laboratory furniture, in addition to offering specific developments and special extraction elements.

In conclusion, the result of the new Eurofins Iproma facilities is a highly technological laboratory space, which merges the different areas into a single space that will allow adaptation to process changes and the integration of future technologies.