HibLab has developed and executed the new Tecnalia Research & Innovation laboratory spaces in different locations in the Basque Country.



HibLab has developed and executed integrally around 1,000 m2 in different phases of design, planning, projection and integral execution of laboratory spaces for Tecnalia Research & Innovation in different geographical locations in the Basque Country.

Tecnalia Research & Innovation is a leading centre for applied research and technological development in Europe, with 1,400 experts of 30 nationalities, focused on transforming technology into GDP to improve people’s quality of life, creating business opportunities in companies.

HibLab has carried out interior refurbishments of laboratory spaces, from the executive project to the installations (air conditioning, ventilation, instrumental gases, electricity, etc.), legalisation and commissioning, as well as the laboratory equipment and furniture.

HibLab’s highly technological laboratory furniture solution has been designed and adapted to the needs presented in these projects, responding to the different types of scientific facilities in Tecnalia Research & Innovation’s laboratories.

In addition to incorporating the services and solutions mentioned above, HibLab has integrated technical divisions, fume cupboards, floors and technical ceilings for laboratories and instrumentation.

Generating a series of scientific and technological infrastructures of living, adaptable and highly customisable laboratory spaces, combining laboratory design with the brand’s own corporate identity – the logo, colours, typography and photographic style.

The Tecnalia Research & Innovation laboratory spaces implement the idea, values and personality of the brand. They are characterised by being personalised, efficient and creative environments. Maintaining functionality and aesthetics while fusing the laboratory spaces with the brand’s corporate colours has been one of the avant-garde steps that makes them even more unique and personal.

For more information on Tecnalia’s research, development and innovation centres click on the following link: www.tecnalia.com