HibLab has carried out the complete refurbishment of an industrial building to convert it into the Galenicum Health R&D centre with maximum sustainability and innovation parameters.


Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona

The pharmaceutical company Galenicum Health was founded in Barcelona in 2003 for the commercialization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

In other words, it is a world leader in research, development, manufacturing and supply of a wide range of medicines to any part of the world.

The new complex, which covers a total of 4,000 square metres and above all, is part of an industrial building that has been completely refurbished.

It should be noted that it has become an R&D centre with maximum sustainability and innovation parameters, including natural air conditioning systems and state-of-the-art facilities.

The turnkey laboratory project began with the labplanning and engineering project approved by Galenicum Health partners. A fusion between the concept designed by HArchitectes and the difficulties of developing a laboratory space in an old printing press.


Firstly, this laboratory space project was aligned with it, and for this, the team has taken into account the challenges faced to develop solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of the client have been taken into account.

The special conditions of the premises;

  • Its lower than usual internal height.
  • The compartmentalization into several fire sectors
  • And also the need to organize workflows and processes, required the development of a series of tailored solutions.


Secondly, the facilities executed have included all types of services, including;

  • A purified water production loop throughout all the rooms of the laboratory.
  • Selective and centralized waste collection.
  • An automatic instrumental gas plant.
  • Automatic dispensing of solvents.
  • HVAC interaction with fume cupboards.
  • Etc.

All of them, completely integrated with the laboratory furniture and the fume cupboards. An open space compartmentalized with the technical divisions of HibLab, distributed in an open area.


In conclusion, HibLab has contributed its differential value to this great interior architecture challenge, exceptionally converting the basement of an old industrial warehouse into a new avant-garde laboratory space with an innovative, efficient and sustainable approach.