Road to Innovation: Opening of TECNALIA’s New Hydrogen Laboratory

12 Feb, 2024

Last Friday, we attended the opening of the new Hydrogen Laboratory of TECNALIA Research and Innovation. This project has been integrally designed and developed by HibLab.

TECNALIA Research & Innovation began its commitment to hydrogen 20 years ago. A commitment to scale technology at industrial level, to revalue critical materials, to strengthen the value chain and to add competitiveness to companies and their environment.

The new Hydrogen Laboratory of more than 1,000 square metres, located in the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa, will be a European benchmark in the development of electrolysers, in the evaluation of material compatibilities and the design of hydrogen detection sensors.

At HibLab, we have taken excellence to a new level, with a comprehensive refurbishment that redefines the standards of laboratory spaces.

From the design of the laboratory to the industrialised solutions to equip it, we have been designed in detail to offer a tailor-made and adapted solution to meet the research and development requirements of the laboratory.

We are grateful for the harmonious collaboration and joint efforts that have contributed to the success of this important project. We hope to continue collaborating together on projects and continue to build on the cooperation and shared achievements of laboratory spaces.

Hydrogen Laboratory
Hydrogen Laboratory
Hydrogen Laboratory