The design and execution of the complete refurbishment of the new laboratory spaces at the Nestlé Production Centre in Penilla de Cayón (Cantabria), has meant a major change in the interior architecture.


La Penilla De Cayón, Cantabria

HibLab has changed the paradigm of Nestlé, spatially arranging all the internal processes to transmit the brand´s identity with its corporate differential value.

The Penilla de Cayón factory began its activity in 1905 with the production of milk-based products, and is currently the first and most emblematic Nestlé centre in Spain. The centre of one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world produces baby food, chocolates and dairy products of some of the most iconic brands known worldwide and distributed internationally,

Nestlé, has placed its trust in HibLab, who has generated solutions adapted to the changing situations of the laboratory space, always responding in an objective and balanced way to the needs and challenges posed by the client.

The renovation and improvement of the more than 350 m2 of laboratory space was a major step forward for the centre, ranging from the executive project to the installations of the laboratory itself, including air-conditioning, ventilation, instrumental gases and electricity installations, etc.

A comprehensive renovation of interior architecture based on the generation of master distribution axes for laboratories materialized with industrialized solutions, such as ceilings, floors, technical partition walls and modular and multi-purpose laboratory furniture.

“HibLab, thanks to the internalization of the laboratory processes and their translation into the space in a distinctive and valuable way, has radically changed the appearance of the laboratory itself, turning it into a space that transmits and communicates the image of the Nestlé brand”, says Javier Agirre, Commercial & Marketing Director.

The laboratory spaces of the Nestlé Production Centre implement the idea, values and personality of the brand itself, generating an open communication space and a route that guarantees visual comfort.