HibLab has designed, developed and executed the turnkey project for the technological research and laboratory building of the new Galchimia headquarters in Galicia.



Following the extension of the laboratory spaces also carried out by HibLab in the Barcelona Science Park in 2018, the execution of the scientific laboratory infrastructure that will house the new headquarters of Galchimia, a benchmark in chemical research, has finally been successfully completed.

Starting the industrial process with an executive project based on the design of laboratories and closing the cycle by constructing the building as a whole has been a great advance and challenge for HibLab.

In record time we have managed to create a new fully flexible and functional laboratory space, that fits Galchimia personality and identity, making its new home an enhanced interior architectural space that will provide the necessary growth for future research.

This large laboratory building, covering more than 1,000 m2, has been specifically designed to streamline the centre’s research workflows. In addition, once the construction phases have been completed, HibLab has completed the project by installing laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, technical partitions and technical floors and ceilings that make that the laboratory has a design with the best materials and qualities, to offer the space a long useful life.

HibLab is moving forward, and remains at the forefront of design, growing every day and executing large laboratory space infrastructure projects. The multidisciplinary team that makes up HibLab demonstrates that it has the capacity to develop large and small projects.

Our priority is to keep moving into the future, offering our expertise in the highest standards of innovation in the field of laboratory space design.

Completing turnkey projects of similar scale makes HibLab capable of creating, designing and executing any scientific laboratory that is proposed.