This is how space is curved

26 Jun, 2022

“Promote our own R+D+I to achieve the objective of developing technologies and obtaining new products, materials or innovation processes in the field of laboratory spaces”

HibLab is characterized by being an integrative company of services that shares knowledge and since its inception has advanced in the creation of new products and innovative processes.

In this article, we want to show that at HibLab, we design laboratory spaces to the highest level of customization and distinction. Thanks to the research, development and innovation (R+D+i) department, we have managed to create a unique product that has represented a 180º turn in the traditional way of designing and sizing the interior architecture of laboratories.

Taking into account the most demanding European regulations on the market in the field of laboratories, we have managed to optimize our resources to offer an increasingly better and more advanced product and service.

We have evolved in our professional career, paying special attention to flexibility and aesthetics in everything we do. Think about the needs of people and/or users so that they have a comfortable and ergonomic work environment.

HibLab has managed to turn a highly scientific-technological, open-plan and strictly functional space into a stimulating environment that has the ability to adopt interior architecture with a focus on movement.

“Curves are perfect for breaking excessive balance”

Offering a product range of ‘curvilinear’ laboratory furniture with the incorporation of improvements and multiple variations of combinations, materials and shapes, makes us have added and differential value.
Our main objective to promote this innovative product is to create original and unique pieces that adapt to each situation, need and space.

This is how space is curved in HibLab. Strengthen our own R+D+i to achieve the objective of developing technologies and obtaining innovative products, materials or processes in the field of laboratory spaces.