From Beginnings to Today: Celebrating 16 years of Achievements & Challenges

09 Jan, 2024

Today we celebrate 16 years of achievements and challenges overcome! Thank you to the entire HibLab team for these incredible 16 years of dedication and collaboration. Together we have achieved amazing goals and look forward to many more years of shared success. Let’s keep building lab spaces together!

Inauguration of the new ESCET teaching laboratories

20 Dec, 2022

HibLab has designed and executed the new teaching laboratory spaces for biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics and electronic technology at ESCET, School of Experimental Sciences and Technology.

AdHoc Solutions. PART 1: Technical ceilings and/or transitable substructures

11 Apr, 2022

We are specialists in the design, development and execution of architectural solutions for laboratory spaces and we focus also on ceilings and walkable structures in scientific infrastructures.