HibLab enthusiastically supports Ibilaldia 2023 held in Ondarroa

19 May, 2023

HibLab, as a Biscayan company headquartered in Ondarroa, is eagerly preparing for the Ibilaldia 2023 festival, an annual event that promises to be even more special this year as it takes place in the same locality that hosts the company’s main office.

Ibilaldia, an event that has been gaining popularity over time, is known for its innovative nature and support for schools in the Basque Country, in addition to attracting numerous participants and visitors from all localities.

The event will have a 5-kilometer route divided into 4 zones: Zubixe, Mazise, Herrixe, and Talaxe. Furthermore, they have developed a comprehensive program that includes a total of 26 initiatives.

For HibLab, this is not just another event but an opportunity to get closer to the local community.

The company, committed to special and cutting-edge projects, sees in Ibilaldia a unique platform to showcase its support for innovation and the community.

The strategic location of HibLab’s headquarters in Ondarroa adds a special significance to its participation in this year’s Ibilaldia. Being in the heart of the celebration, the company immerses itself even more in the local dynamics, reinforcing its connection with the inhabitants of the area.

This Sunday, in Ondarroa, there will be a vibrant atmosphere where the company and the community come together to celebrate innovation, culture, and collaboration. HibLab hopes to contribute to making this edition of Ibilaldia a memorable event, reaffirming its commitment to the locality and its continuous support for special projects that enrich local life.



For more information on how to actively participate in this prominent event, follow the link to the official website: https://ibilaldia.eus/

Key information:

  • Date – May 21, 2023
  • Location – Ondarroa
  • Language – Basque
  • Download the program: https://goo.su/Nadr5b