Advertising spot of HibLab and Basque Health Cluster in EITB2

17 May, 2023

HibLab, in close collaboration with Basque Health Cluster, has launched a significant advertising spot broadcasted on the Basque channel EITB2.

The spot highlights the excellence of our services and specialized solutions in the field of laboratory spaces. Our CEO, Adelmo Antelo, presents our company as the visionary face and leader in the design of laboratory spaces.

The advertising spot not only emphasizes the technical expertise of HibLab but also its commitment to collaboration. Images of the latest designed laboratories accompany Adelmo’s words, showcasing precision designs and state-of-the-art technology.

The modern and functional aesthetics of our projects serve as a visual testimony to HibLab’s dedication to excellence in every detail.

The spot concludes with a call to action, inviting those interested to explore more about HibLab’s services through our website and to get in touch to initiate discussions about future projects.

This collaboration with Basque Health Cluster reinforces our position as leaders in the laboratory spaces industry, committed to innovation and quality that surpass customer expectations.

Below, you can see the complete spot in collaboration with Basque Health Cluster: