AdHoc Solutions. PART 1: Technical ceilings and/or transitable substructures

11 Apr, 2022

At HibLab we are specialists in the design, development and execution of distribution solutions for specific spaces and technical furniture, equipment, facilities, engineering and AdHoc architecture solutions for laboratory spaces.

In this article, we are going to focus on one of our architectural solutions. Technical ceilings and walkable substructures in laboratory space buildings.

There are many laboratory space projects that we lead in the pharmaceutical industry and research centers, which have very complex scientific-technological processes, which require specialized and concrete planning work.

The initial phase of development of these very specific and complex spaces consists of the organization of the internal process to master distribution axes, extrapolating them to the upper plane of the space. From there, design, size and generate a technical substructure that allows multiple facilities associated with the laboratory to be located and with the possibility of moving through it without modifying or interfering with the aesthetics or the daily process of the laboratory.

This substructure for technical roofs has the following advantages; fixing partitions on master distribution axes, suspension of technical service columns, support of installation elements in false ceilings, organization of facilities and total accessibility for maintenance, in addition to guaranteeing future expansion of facilities.

The system is made up of a grid that is designed based on the axes of the modules that make up the laboratory space to be built.

Furthermore, the solution that HibLab proposes not only allows the location of the ventilation and air conditioning installation of the laboratory space, but also the channeling of water purification loops, solvent dispensing, extraction/ventilation and other necessary installations. through service downspouts that will allow any pre-installation.

Incorporating free transit walkways will allow easy and safe access to the maintenance of the facilities housed in the laboratory substructure.

The architectural solution of walkable technical ceilings represents a great challenge for special applications, with exhaustive control of the assembly, which provides great flexibility and safety inside the laboratory space.

HibLab demonstrates its ability to innovatively and uniquely design and execute an all-in-one laboratory space, ranging from scientific installations to technical ceilings and providing solutions to complex procedures, with its AdHoc developments of laboratory spaces. sustainable, flexible, safe and efficient.